Happy 21st Birthday Lauren!

Today is the Day!!!

So, we’ve written on your wall, blogged and posted … do you know how loved you are???  Here are some links for you:

www.msn.com … so you know what happened in the world today.

www.ywam.com … so you know what is going on with YWAM around the world, and

“The John Cena Clip” … so you don’t miss his next movie classic!  🙂



Aunt Missy


Check this out!

What? A blog for Lauren???

ML Candid Headshot

Aunt Missy

Me and my baby bro, Gary were talking this morning about Lauren’s upcoming 21st birthday … and we decided that since we couldn’t be there in person, we would create a cyber-presence for our red-headed beauty!  So here goes …

We invite friends and family to post pictures, video clips, comments, posts and slide shows to this site as a way to wish Lauren a happy 21st!  By the way, if you’ve forgotten her DOB, it is August 10th, so let’s be sure to get our messages ready and on the site no later than August 9th (this year).  LOL

If anyone has problems uploading pictures or videos, let Aunt Missy (that’d be me) know — mmlyons2@ec.rr.com.

Hugs from North Carolina where it’s hot, sticky and we got beach …